Ghost Cat

Not only is Grim Greyling still very much around, but he has also made it abundantly clear that he intends to be a permanent spirit companion from here on out–which has made life in our household very, very interesting. (Not that it wasn’t already pretty interesting, with two gods in residence.) Seeing him around the house out of the corner of one’s eye has become commonplace and expected, and in the months since his…crossover into spirit (he doesn’t like us to use the D word, concerning him…he has become increasingly stronger. He isn’t limited to the size he was as a living cat; now he can be as big as a mountain lion as he chooses, although most often he is around the size of a bobcat or lynx. He isn’t strictly limited to feline form, either (in his humanoid form, he has a faceclaim on Misha Collins, which completely fits his personality)–but he does usually choose to stick with it, since that’s the form in which we know him best.

When I was still offering oracular seidhr, he eagerly joined in as a warder and journeying companion; now, he is very excited about participating in the Hunt. He also enjoys just hanging out with us and watching TV (I watch a LOT of TV while crafting); Warehouse 13 is still his all-time favorite show (thanks to its plotline, he’s convinced that the point of the Wild Hunt is really to hunt down artifacts, not bad guys), but after we watched all 5 seasons three times in a row he grudgingly let me  switch over to other series, all with supernatural/ghostly themes. We cycled through all five seasons of The Ghost Whisperer (we LOVE Melinda’s husband, but Melinda herself is sort of annoying, with her always wanting everyone to go into the light–“what is THAT all about? My Dad isn’t in the light and I’m staying with my dad; my dad is awesome, I love my dad”) and are now watching Medium (he likes Allison’s husband Joe because he’s such a good dad) and the 4th season of Grimm. Grimm is a somewhat darker show than Ghost Whisperer (so is Medium), but he seems to be enjoying it–although he remains convinced that there MUST be an artifact responsible for the shapeshifting abilities of the Wesen. (He’s convinced they’re going to finally find it this season, too.)

Here is an actual conversation that actually took place in our household while watching Grimm the other night. There was a ghost in one episode, and during one of the climactic scenes Jo hid her face in her shirt.

Me: What are you doing?

Jo: It’s ghosts. Ghosts are scary.

Me: . . . (Because apparently werewolves aren’t scary, and creatures that eat your face off aren’t scary, and for crying out loud ODIN isn’t scary.  But GHOSTS, ghosts are scary.)

Jo: Shut up.

Me: But, what about the ghosts that are part of our family?

Grim: (tailtwitch) Yeah, what about ME?

Jo: They aren’t ghosts, they’re SPIRITS. Those are different.

Me: . . .

So maybe I should have titled this post “Spirit Cat” instead? Anyway. never a dull moment…





6 thoughts on “Ghost Cat

  1. to me ghost and spirit have never been the same word…
    ghosts are trapped leavings of a life that didnt disconnect…
    spirits are beings than arent in physical mundane bodies
    spirits can be a being that was once alive… like your Grim
    I wouldnt call him a ghost… he is a spirit.

    • Oh, they’re certainly different, and well we know it. Still, what with the sheer variety of spirits that visit us (or make up our family), we do in good cheer often refer to Grim as our ghost-cat. Of the visitors we get, he’s the one whose manifested most clearly even without shadows to hide in. ‘Ghost’ is less wordy than ‘formerly incarnate now disincarnate spirit.’

  2. I live in a house full of spirits, including the spirits of the previous kitties who have abided here. I can see them on occasion. Our kitty, Artemidora, likes to hang out with them for about an hour or so before she gives us her gracious presence in the evening. In fact, at night, I can feel when a few of them jump on the bed and snuggle.

  3. Ghosts is shows are scary! So are aliens! Odin? Not so much — and don’t think I don’t see that brow quirked in my direction, either. Things jumping out at you or appearing where they were not a minute ago is SCARY — unless they are sprawling, blue-grey cats of varying sizes appearing out of nowhere, in which case, they’re just Grim and I’m glad he’s sticking around. Sort of surprised that he’s THIS into it, since he seemed pretty meh about spirit stuff while incarnated, but who cares? It’s GRIM.

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