Brand new: Queen of Glamour Necklace


Just listed today! (Along with seven other brand new necklaces, one of which is already spoken for; if you want to get a jump on seeing them all, rather than waiting for them to be showcased on my blogs, you can do that here.)

A darkly radiant, stunning necklace that is sure to work its enchantment on all who see it! The Queen of Glamour would make an amazing signature piece for a spouse, sacred queen, lover, or devotee of a deity closely connected with dark magick, enchantment, glamour, and/or the Fae–such as Odin, Freyja, many of the Infernal deities, Cerridwen, Arawn, Cernunnos, Queen Mab, or Morgan le Fey. It would make a fabulous gift to place on the shrine of one of the above deities, or to wear to remind yourself of the magic and enchantment in your own life. (You do NOT need to consider yourself a sacred queen in order to purchase this.)

Twelve faceted teardrop-shaped mystic black spinel briolettes grace a strand of 3mm grade AA chatoyant black obsidian rounds, solid copper beads, and copper-lined black diamond seed beads. The mystic spinel briolettes are quite dazzling, and flash gold-green, red, copper, bronze and purple with your every movement and with every shift of light.



IMG_8484 IMG_8492 IMG_8496 IMG_8504The necklace is strung on professional-quality stringing wire, which is clear-coated stainless steel, and securely finished with crimps. The ends of the wire are protected from wear with wire guards. The beads connect to a length of genuine copper copper chain, which fastens securely around the neck via a copper-plated pewter lobster claw clasp. The necklace’s full circumference is 20 1/4″, but it can be adjusted downwards to 16″ by using the chain. The briolettes measure about 10 x 5 mm each.

Black spinel is a strong grounding gemstone which will be helpful if you’ve been doing too much work with other gemstones (or intensive spirit work) and have an excess of high-vibration energy. It aids in releasing issues from the past and healing relationships.

Obsidian enhances clairvoyance and divination, especially in the areas of love, relationships and spiritual development. It is powerfully protective, grounding and centering, and actively shields the wearer from negativity.

Copper has been in use since 9,000 BCE and was used for its magickal properties by ancient pagans. Just as copped is now known for its ability to conduct electricity, it is also believed to have the ability to conduct healing and magickal energies.

The Queens Collection is being developed to serve the needs of polytheists on a path of sacred queenship. My goal is to provide you with statement pieces that epitomize your spiritual path yet can still be regarded as “stealth” pieces. (In other words, there is nothing that overtly signifies the meaning of the necklace to outsiders; yet, because of the sheer magnificence, sublime design, and visual impact of these pieces, you–and your Powers and spirits–will know exactly why you are wearing them. The pieces in this line can serve as a badge of office, identifying you to others on the astral; they can also act as a magickal ward, as well as an anchor and beacon for your spirits.

This necklace is $85. Layaway is available, if you love this but it would be easier to purchase via payment installments; please take a look at my layaway policy and then contact me if you’d like to discuss this!






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