SALE: Queen of Flame II


Love the idea of the Queens Collection but want something more dainty and delicate (yet still amazing)? Then this necklace might be for you!

This is the Queen of Flame II, featuring a bold, fiery palette that resonates well with solar deities and spirits either of literal fire or of hot, passionate temperament. It would work very well for a queen, priestess or spouse of one of the fire Jotnar, or of Loki, a goddess of fire such as Brigid, or a goddess of passion such as Freyja.

The focal point of the necklace is a series of eleven graduated teardrop-shaped beer quartz briolettes, interspersed with 4mm grade AA citrine rounds, grade A variegated lemon quartz heishi beads (ranging from champagne to lemon yellow to smoky in coloring), grade A fire opal rondelles, and genuine copper spacer beads. The beer quartz briolettes are stunning, eye clean grade AAA stones that seem to radiate light. They measure from 1/4″ to 3/8″ in length. There is NO glass or crystal in this necklace, only gemstones and REAL copper (not the cheap plated stuff).

IMG_7942IMG_7944IMG_7936IMG_7984IMG_7996The necklace is strung on professional-quality stringing wire, which is clear-coated stainless steel, and securely finished with crimps. The ends of the wire are protected from wear with wire guards. The beads connect to a length of genuine solid copper copper chain, which fastens securely around the neck via an antiqued copper lobster claw clasp. The necklace’s full circumference is 19 3/4″, but it can be adjusted downwards to 16″ by using the chain.

Beer quartz is said to energize and re-vitalize the wearer. It is associated with stability, practicality, intuition, pride, joy and a realistic, grounded spirituality.

Citrine carries the power of the sun and is a stone of manifestation, imagination, and developing personal will. It will not hold negative energy and never needs to be cleared or cleansed. The citrine used in this bracelet is eye-clean due to its high grade.

Lemon quartz enhances optimism, well-being, and creativity. It is helpful in clarifying and strengthening focus on goals. It helps to clear the mind of anxiety and stress, resulting in a bright and sharp outlook on the future.

Fire opal helps to relieve energy deficiencies, increases personal power, and helps build loyalty and trust.

As a metal, copper is ruled by the planet Venus and considered sacred to love deities.

The Queens Collection is being developed to serve the needs of polytheists on a path of sacred queenship. My goal is to provide you with statement pieces that epitomize your spiritual path yet can still be regarded as “stealth” pieces. (In other words, there is nothing that overtly signifies the meaning of the necklace to outsiders; yet, because of the sheer magnificence, sublime design, and visual impact of these pieces, you–and your Powers and spirits–will know exactly why you are wearing them. The pieces in this line can serve as a badge of office, identifying you to others on the astral; they can also act as a magickal ward, as well as an anchor and beacon for your spirits.

That being said, you do not necessarily need to consider yourself a sacred queen to wear this necklace (anyone may purchase it); although it is guaranteed to make you look and feel fabulous whenever you put it on, it is also very light and comfortable to wear. It could be worn in honor of, or gifted to, a deity strongly connected with fire and/or passion, such as Loki, Brigid, or Freyja. It could also be worn as a devotional piece in honor of your bond with your Beloved, if you are the spouse or lover of a deity.

This necklace was initially listed at $110, but just this morning I reduced the price to only $85, as my way of thanking my wonderful customers for their support; you guys are the reason I am able to make a living doing what I love! Layaway with installment payments is also available for this necklace. Please take a look at my layaway policy and then get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss this!


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  1. I know this isn’t closely related but I wanted to let you know about an article about one of your Disir Anne B. It’s on the Medievalist site and it’s about her music. Beautiful necklace btw! I love citrine.

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