SALE: Chinese Zodiac Rosary Necklaces

(This was posted to my other blog yesterday; THIS version of it is edited to reflect what’s still available.)

So, here is the deal with these: they’ve been in the shop since August, and (after the initial excitement over a couple of them, including the Snake one–and let’s face it, Snakes are awesome) it’s become pretty obvious that they aren’t going to move. But I really, really need to raise still more money for supplies (and fast; September really set me back, as I had to front some large vet bills)–soooo:

  • All of the remaining Chinese Zodiac necklaces that are made from 100% gemstone beads have been marked down to $40.
  • All of the remaining Chinese Zodiac necklaces that contain gemstone beads plus either Czech crystal or horn have been marked down to $35.
  • In addition to the above, the Freyja rosary necklace (which is a REALLY beautiful necklace, but I feel it has not moved because it contains only wood, crystal, and glass, no gemstones) has been marked down to $30 (which is a steal).

Yes, a lot of work went into hand-wiring these necklaces–however, they have proven to be a style that, for the most part, doesn’t interest most of my customers. (Aspiring jewelers, take note: a LOT of this is process of making a living selling your handiwork is about experimentation, and everyone makes mistakes!) I thought about just taking them all down and dismantling them for the beads, but cutting all those wires is time-consuming and frankly a pain; I would much rather find homes for them. So, here you can benefit from my mistakes, and pick up some really pretty pieces that would make great holiday gifts!

Here’s what I have still available:


Monkey, with cherry quartz and mauve lepidolite: $40


Rabbit, with rainbow moonstone and opal aura quartz: $40


Dragon, with olive jade and crystals $35


Pig, with reconstituted amber and crystals: $35



Rat, with carnelian and smoky quartz: $40



Dragon, with dragon’s blood jasper and carnelian: $40

il_570xN.825590611_izoq (1)

Rooster, with petrified wood and carnelian: $40

Rat, with white cream opal and red horn: $35


Horse, with blue aventurine and labradorite: $40


Goat, with blue aventurine and recycled golden horn: $35


Pig, with dragon’s blood jasper and Lithuanian Baltic amber: $40

il_570xN.798967357_n4zc (1)

Freyja Rosary, with Czech glass beads, crystals, and Patikan palmwood (and bone pendant): $35

Many of the Chinese rosary necklaces could also double as beautiful stealth devotional pieces for various deities; for example, the Horse one would be perfect for Sleipnir (and in fact the color palette was chosen with Him in mind), the Pig could be worn in honor of Freyja (one of Her names is Syr, or “Sow”), the Dragon could be dedicated to Tiamat, the Rat would be appropriate for Ganesha, and so on. OR they could be worn to honor a corresponding animal ally or spirit companion.

If you want to take more than one of these, I would be happy to group them together for you into a single shipment (and adjust your shipping costs as needed).