Last chance for Sale and Clearance items

A week from today, on October 7th, 2015, I will be removing ALL of the items in the Sale and Clearance section of my shop, because it is potentially damaging for my brand to give the impression that nearly half of my shop is on sale. Most of the items not sold by that date will be dismantled, with the components either used for other pieces or sold as destash. (I may end up having a destash section of the shop for beads and pendants I am not going to use, to  try to make back some of the money I spent on them.)

What this means to you, gentle readers, is:

1. If you have had your eye on something in the Sale and Clearance section but have been hesitating, it will be gone forever in one week from today. Please get in  touch with me before 10/7 to let me know of your interest. For items in this section ONLY, I am willing to hold something for up to 30 days, and also willing to allow you more hold/layaway items than my normal four item limit.

2. For the items in the Sale and Clearance section ONLY, I will consider letting pieces go on a “best offer” basis. Please don’t be insulting with this–don’t offer me $10 for a necklace I have listed at $75 on sale–but if you make a reasonable offer on one of these pieces, I will seriously consider it. You can contact me on Etsy about this. (No emails or Facebook private messages, please; I am not on Facebook very much, apart from promoting items there, and my phone actually notifies me when I have Etsy convos, so I am able to get back to you a lot quicker.  Plus, it is easier for me to have all of my shop-related communication happen in one place.) I would rather have something sell for slightly less than the asking price than have to go to the trouble of dismantling it for parts.

3. For the remaining woodburned pendants, I am willing to let ALL of these go as a package deal for $25 (more than a 50% discount over their currently listed prices). Please convo me if interested.

4. If you have previously spoken to me about holding a Sale item for you, none of this applies to you; I will continue to hold the item per our previous agreement.

I am not–I repeat, NOT–going out of business; I am simply trying to get rid of the items in my Sale and Layaway section,  because most of them have been in the shop for quite a while, and, since my style and skill have both evolved considerably, plus I am using more expensive materials such as sterling silver and higher quality gemstones, continuing to have them there may hurt the perception of my brand. I also really, really need to make room for new inventory, and money for new supplies.

 Please keep in mind that the new pieces being posted to my shop currently (particularly the ones featuring sterling silver or expensive gemstones) WILL NOT be going on sale, except via coupon discount (and coupon sales will be rare, going forward).   They will not EVER be going on clearance, and attempts to haggle over price for the newer items will not be accepted. 

Here are a few of the items that will be disappearing in one week:


Leviathan Necklace: $40


Raven-God VI: $50


Thunder Oak Necklace: $50


Mysteries of Isis: $75


Mermaid’s Treasure II: $50


Key of Life II: $45


Dowsing Necklace: $50


Tentacles: $50


Mistress of Serpents: $50


Eye of Horus: $50


Draconis: $50

Thank you!!



















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