Brand new: Thor Chapelet-Style Pocket Prayer Beads


Brand new in my shop! A set of chapelet-style pocket prayer beads designed in honor of Thor: son of Odin and Jord, protector of Midgard, god of thunder, rain, storms, and fertile fields.

A silver-plated Thor’s hammer charm adorns a strand of 6mm grade A labradorite rounds alternating with 8 mm grade A carnelian rounds, 6mm grade A faceted fire agate rounds, 8 mm leopardskin jasper rondelles, and silver-lined clear glass seed beads. The seed beads facilitate a smooth transition from one bead to the next during use.

This set is perfect for slipping into a pocket or purse compartment for use on-the-go, or for carrying while reciting your prayers as you walk, and the beads can be slipped comfortably over your wrist for convenience. (They are not meant to be worn as a regular bracelet though, as the loop is too large and will slip off your wrist.) They come with a beautiful little organza bag that can be used to store them when not in use.

You can use these beads to count out specific prayers, to adorn a shrine (or as a travel shrine all on their own), or for breathwork during meditation (which is how I like to use my own; moving my fingers over the beads as I breathe helps me maintain focus). I like to carry prayer beads with me as a physical touchstone, a tangible reminder of my connection with my deity. This set has not been blessed or consecrated, but I would be happy to do that for you at no extra charge prior to shipment.


Loop circumference: 9 1/2″
Extension strand: 2″
Pendant: 1″ x 3/8″

Labradorite is a member of the fabulous feldspar family (a cousin to moonstone and sunstone). The stone of magicians, diviners and shamans, and wearing it can allow one’s own innate magickal powers to surface. Due to its high quality, the labradorite in this necklace has wonderful chatoyancy that is difficult to capture in photos.

Fire agates are a glowing rusty orange color with weblike veins of grey and white that give the stone a “crackled” appearance. They are attuned to the second chakra and have properties similar to carnelian: they promote, steadfastness, courage and community spirit, and encourage pragmatic problem-solving.

Leopardskin jasper is a stone of shamanic journeying and can aid in discovering or connecting with totems or power animals. It is said to help bring success in work or business. Like all jaspers, it is protective.

This prayer bead set is $35. I do accept layaway, and would be happy to set up a payment plan for you if you really love this but it would be more convenient to pay for it over two or more installments. Please take a look at my layaway policy, then contact me and we’ll make the arrangements.