Still Available: 2 Yard Ritual Cord for Hela


A ritual cord designed to honor the Norse goddess Hela, daughter of Loki and Queen of the underworld realm of the dead. A shadowy goddess who sometimes appears as half black and half white, or half dead and half living, Hela offers comfort, rest and protection to the souls of the dead until the time comes for them to be reborn or to move on to another state of being.

Hand dyed Cheviot wool was blended with soft Merino wool, locally sourced natural silver Teeswater locks, and lots of sparkle, then spun with intent, plied with a strand of metallic silver thread, and energetically consecrated to Hela, Queen of the Dead. Soaked with pure essential oils of lavender and juniper berry added to the water to imbue the cord with Hela’s soothing presence and protection.

The cord ends are adorned with an antiqued brass skull and crossbones charm, a black oxidized brass raven’s feather, a black carved resin rose, and a snowflake obsidian bead.

il_570xN.817617358_8zvyMy ritual cords can be used as spirit vessels, portable shrines, stealth shrines (for those unable to worship openly), to define sacred space, prayer cords, for handfastings, to mark your wedding or engagement to a god or spirit, as a gift for your Beloved to place on Their shrine, and in many more ways; people are continually telling me of new uses they have found for them. They can be worn as devotional fiber art lariat necklaces and/or skinny scarves. They are intended to provide a tangible, touchable energetic link with your deity.

This particular cord is $25.

Cord specs:

A smidge over 2 yards (about 6 1/2 feet) long
Crafted in a smoke free but pet friendly home
Please wash in cold water with a gentle wool cleanser only; this item will felt!