Custom Order Ritual Cords – now $75 (layaway available)

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I am finally caught up on my ordering backlog for these, so I’ve lowered the price to $75. You can even purchase a custom cord on layaway (see the end of this post for details.)

I began making these cords several years ago as a fiber alternative to prayer beads that could also be worn as a soft and snuggly necklace lariat or skinny scarf. As time went on, however (and comments from my wonderful customers kept pouring in), it became apparent that they are much more than that. They are magick captured in fiber (which is a medium that happens to absorb magick extremely well), and they function as a tangible link to the world of spirit. People receive their cords (either custom, or the ones I offer in the shop) and tell me that when they wrap it around their neck it feels like getting a hug from their deity. They feel their Deity’s presence more strongly, more immediately, and more tangibly because they have the cord.

This is why I have finally recognized these cords for what they truly are: spirit vessels in fiber form, each one imbued with the blessings and Presence of the deity it was designed for. For this reason, they also make excellent portable or stealth shrines, for those who cannot practice openly but want a physical link to their deity. This is a tangible, soft, touchable link that you can even wear, and people will never suspect a thing, they will simply admire your fashion statement!

Here is how this works: After a consultation with you via Etsy convo, and with your deity or other spirit via meditation and ritual, I will hand dye, card, spin and ply a ritual cord to your specifications. Because I do consult the Powers in question for these, using my skills as an experienced seidhrkona and spirit worker, it is perfectly fine if you don’t have a lot of specific ideas about what you want regarding colors, charms, beads, etc; if you know exactly what you’d like, great, but if not I will work with the Power in question to design something for you.

I will also design these for magickal purposes such as protection or success, for a wedding or handfasting (to either a mortal beloved or a spirit), or for any other purpose, such as a pet memorial. (They do not need to be specifically deity-related.)

Your cord will be custom designed, spun with intent, and soaked with a special combination of essential oils and/or herbs added to the rinse water (herbs are tied up into a bag so that they don’t mix with the fiber directly). I have a pretty wide assortment of oils and herbs available, and if you have no preferences of your own I will do some research to find appropriate correspondences, and/or consult with the Power in question.

The color choices are up to you, or I will help you choose something appropriate if you wish. I will use whatever type of roving or fleece I have currently available in my inventory; I only source the softest, highest quality farm-fresh wool from local sheep, but what I have in stock at any given time can vary. I also sometimes include other fibers such as silk or bamboo, and can even do a wool-free cord if you wish; please let me know when ordering if there are any fibers you are allergic to!

I use professional quality acid dyes, blended by hand with an eye towards color vibrancy and depth, and will usually add in sparkly fiber and hand dyed silk or colorful kid Mohair or wool locks for texture. After being spun, the cords are plied with a whisper-thin strand of metallic thread (you will not feel this against your skin). The ends are adorned with beads and charms. The finished cords are about 1/4 – 1/2 inch wide in diameter, and you can choose any length between 1-3 yards.

***Depending on the add-ins and charms you have in mind, your cord may cost more than the custom order listing price, and I will get your approval on the final price before beginning work. If the charms you want are either already in stock or are items I usually order, there will be no extra charge. If they are more expensive or harder to come by than what I usually order, or if they are handmade (such as symbols burned into antler or wood slices by me, or hand-stamped metal tags) the cost of my acquiring or making each “special” charm will be added onto the base price for your cord. I will let you know about ALL of these extra costs in advance, before I begin work on your cord, and will either create a separate listing to cover them, or issue a refund if you do not agree to the final price.***

***IMPORTANT: There are NO refunds on custom cords. My goal is to create a unique and powerful magickal item that also doubles as an heirloom-quality piece of fiber art! And no one has ever been disappointed to date. To make sure you will be fully satisfied, I send you photographs of the finished cord for your approval prior to shipment. If you approve the photographs, the purchase is considered final. If there is something you do not care for in the photograph of the completed cord, I will do ONE revision for free (change of cord OR change of charms). After that point, each additional revision will cost $10 extra added onto the price of the cord. For this reason, IF you are choosing the design elements yourself rather than asking me to work with your deity to design it, please be VERY specific.

When placing your order, please provide, in “notes to seller,”any of the following preferences you have for your cord:

1) colors (including shades; ex. not just blue, but “royal blue” or “periwinkle”; I can produce just about any color you have in mind! A Pantone color code or link to a color chip is helpful, if possible, to make sure we’re not using the same words for different things.

2) sparklies, or no sparklies (and color of sparklies if you have a preference)

3) specific charms you would like, including your preferred metallic finish. (Hand stamped charms with a name or short phrase, in either English or runes, are also now an option.) This listing covers 2-3 charms; any additional charms requested will cost extra. I will be contacting you for approval of the particular charms for your cord prior to my purchasing them. (see above)

4) specific stones to be included; I have a large stash at my disposal, but if I need to buy something especially for your cord there may be an extra charge (see above). This listing covers 1-2 gemstone beads. If you would like a non-bead stone incorporated into the cord via wire-wrapping, this IS something I can do but there will be an extra charge.

5) any symbols you would like the cord charged with (included in the base price)

6) essential oils, herbs and stones to soak the cord with. (Please note: I have a LOT of essential oils in my inventory, however I am NOT at this time able to purchase special ones for individual orders, unless you are willing to pay for that.)

7) whether you are allergic to any fibers or essential oils; if you tell me you are not, any reactions you may later have are not my responsibility.

8) specific length for your cord (up to 3 yards)

****Important: Please keep in mind that my lead time for custom cords is currently 8-10 weeks. My cords make amazing gifts for yourself or a loved one (not to mention being perfect for handfastings) but if you need it by a certain date please plan ahead!! For example, if you’re hoping to get a cord in time for Yule, I would need to receive your order by October 15th.****

For the first time ever, I AM accepting layaway for these, however I would need to receive 50% of the price of your cord (50% of $75 is $37.50) at the time your order is placed. This is a non-refundable deposit, as it will be used to purchase materials for your cord and for its dedication.  The balance will be due when your cord is ready to ship. If you would like to purchase a cord via layaway, please convo me and I will make the arrangements for you.

**Per Etsy’s rules governing the sale of magickal items, I am legally required to state that magick is a curio only. My products are intended for personal enjoyment, and no specific result is either promised or implied.


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  1. Want to speak up for the benefit of the audience, as someone who owns several cords (I commissioned four of them, and bought a few others in regular stock) – the cords are awesome and I recommend Beth’s work. The cord I got for my husband is basically like my security blanket and it got me through some very dark places, as a nice tangible anchor to him (he suggested I get it).

    • Thank you, Seb! ❤ It only started becoming clear to me what the cords were actually doing for people when people–such as yourself and other customers–began commenting on their own experiences with them. A lot of times, I think we don't appreciate the impact something we make can have on someone else's spiritual life. We can't see it, until someone tells us what a difference it made for them.

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