Temporary change in oracular seidhr schedule (for this week only)

Because I have a business obligation this coming Monday, for this week only oracular seidhr will be taking place tomorrow, Sunday 8/16, rather than on Monday 8/17 as originally planned. This directly affects only a couple of people who have sessions booked for this week, but it does mean that it is now too late for anyone else to submit a new seidhr order for Monday.

And actually, because I need to know a day in advance how many questions I will be dealing with that week AND, more importantly, Who I will need to contact on your behalf, Saturday evening US Pacific time is now my official cut-off for seidhr sessions for ANY given week. (Letting people submit questions right up until Sunday night and possibly even Monday morning was not working for me, since I get up early on Monday and start preparations for seidhr almost immediately.) This also means that any sessions to be done on Monday must be paid by Saturday evening. Thank you for understanding why this is necessary for me!

But again, for this week only I have decided that, considering my schedule for Monday, doing seidhr on Sunday instead this time will make my life a lot easier. So if you have already booked a session, you can expect to hear from me by tomorrow afternoon (Pacific time).