From the Roaring Deep is out!

Jo has a wonderful article on prayer beads in this anthology, which is a tribute to her Beloved Poseidon and other spirits of the deep. Go, buy, read!!!

Also, as a reminder, Jo now has a Patreon account, if you’d like to support her ability to write more articles like the one in this book, as well as her wonderful stories.

Strip Me Back To The Bone

For those not in the know (how is that possible??), Neos Alexandria’s  From The Roaring Deep is out! This is a devotional in honor of Poseidon and the spirits of the sea.


My entry is on the creation of my Poseidon prayer beads, with general advice for creating a set of your own. There are some other fabulous entries, though obviously I’m partial to the bits about Poseidon.

Buy! Share! Spread the word!

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