I’ve finally created my Patreon Account

Jolene now has a Patreon account! If you’re a fan of her writing–either her fiction or on her blog–please consider offering at least some level of financial support.(If you can’t afford to give, please spread the word!) She currently works full time retail; imagine the work we could see from her if she had more time to devote to her writing! Only $5 a month will get you her story subscription plan (a story installment delivered to your inbox each and every month), and there are even bigger perks for larger pledges, including access to her Patreon activity stream. (She is planning on adding pagan essay-related perks, too!)

Strip Me Back To The Bone

You can find it here.

A number of my story subscribers suggested I get this set up, and I finally have. I’ll write more about it once I’m back at the computer, but the short version is: it is up to you if you want to keep using Paypal, or if you want to use Patreon. I have it set up so it’s general ‘support my writing!’ page — anyone who pledges $5 or more will receive the story subscription as a reward.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support with this project. I have all the feels.

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