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So, here’s the deal: our dog has chronic heart failure. This being the case, excessive heat puts an undue strain on his heart, which caused him to go into heat stroke the summer before last. (He could easily have died.) At that point we got an air conditioner, which has really helped with keeping him cool and (in combination with his heart meds) relatively symptom-free.

Well, a couple of days ago our air conditioner broke. Bad timing, to say the least.  If it was just the two of us to consider, we would tough it out, but the dog HAS to be kept cool. Since there are still about six weeks of summer left here in Eugene, we just ordered a replacement air conditioner online.

The shop has been doing pretty well in general; that said, I have only been working on it full time (without outside obligations) for a little over two months, and haven’t yet had a chance to start putting away any savings. So paying for an air conditioner, at this point, was an unplanned expense; basically, its the money that would have gone towards our power bill this month. Its an ouch…though admittedly less of one than a vet bill.

I was planning to have a sale anyway for the forthcoming New Moon–but considering the situation, I have decided to step that up by a couple of days and start it NOW.

And so: from now through midnight Pacific time on Sunday night, 7/19, enter the coupon code CORBIE at checkout on Etsy to take 15% off your entire order.  There IS a minimum purchase of $20, and the coupon cannot be used for custom work. (If you want to place a custom order during the sale, please do so as a separate order.) However, I will honor the sale price when setting up new layaways during the sale period (as long as you are able to make your first payment within two weeks), AND you can use it to make payment installments on existing layaway plans.

I will be adding some amazing new items during the sale period to further entice you!  As always, thank you so much for your support–and enjoy the sale!


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    Our portable AC unit went kaput this week, and we need to replace it with a window unit. While we enjoy the cool air, the entire reason we even have the AC in the first place is because Corbie is a Delicate Flower. To help offset this surprise!cost, FiberWytch is having a surprise!sale. Read the details, visit the store, help us keep Corbie Cool!

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    Boosting the signal. Beth has some beautiful stuff, and makes beautiful things on custom order. I always like seeing what she comes up with and have one of her lovely ritual cords hanging out in my collection to prove it. 🙂 This here sale’s for her sweet little pup, so do check out her store when you get the chance. Sale ends Sunday night.

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