“5 Reasons Why You Can’t Find the Right Spiritual Path,” by John Becket

(From Patheos, via The Gold Thread)

In my oracular seidhr practice, I receive a LOT of questions along the lines of “Which spiritual path is right for me?” While sometimes the gods and spirits can offer input into this question, and/or I can see which paths would be most compatible with you by looking into your wyrd, in the end the final decision is yours to make. If you’re stuck, read this article. It offers some excellent suggestions as to what you can do to solve this problem instead of (or in addition to) getting a reading. (As a seidhrkona, one of the most important things I try to impress upon people is that not everything requires outside confirmation. The most important validation comes from within.)


3 thoughts on ““5 Reasons Why You Can’t Find the Right Spiritual Path,” by John Becket

  1. I’m kinda seriously sick of this question being asked. Would say more but it is early and I don’t feel like spinning into snark.

  2. In my case, the spiritual path found me. I was picked up, and dropped on it. Or shoved, or after many twists and turns and being stuck on a difficult to navigate round about I was forced by a giant black van to move into the proper lane.

    The van said it had candy….

    • I (and probably many readers of this blog) have a similar story. But a lot of people out there are frustrated that they can’t seem to find their footing on any particular path; hopefully this will be helpful to them.

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