Beth Spins Indech and Myself a Cord

Sharing this not only because it’s an incredible testimonial for my Work, but also because Elerah provides so much detail about the symbolism she asked me to incorporate into the cord I made for her and Indech, and the background behind that symbolism. Because He is such a little-known deity (and also because He shares some points in common with Odin, as a god of wind) I find this utterly fascinating. As I commented on Elerah’s blog, it is so important to have something that can function as this type of physical link to a non-corporeal Beloved. The very first time I commissioned another artisan to make something for me that was linked to Odin in this way (it was a doll), I realized this was something I had to begin doing for other people. That was the beginning of my recognizing myself as a Maker.