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So, I have a pretty lousy memory–it’s no secret. When I first opened my Etsy shop(which was strictly fiber-related at that time) I also started a blog for it. But I was still working at a day job, and even before my business started to grow I found two blogs to be too much work to keep up with, in addition to going to said day job and running my fledgling business. This blog had more subscribers (by quite a bit), so I stuck with it and retired the other one. (And then, I promptly forgot it had ever existed.)

As time goes on, I have found blogging to be one of the most useful ways of attracting customers to my shop; however, as the number of items in my inventory has now risen above 300 and I’m making new things at a rapid clip now that I’ve ditched the day job to work at FiberWytch full time, multi-purposing a single blog just won’t cut it anymore. FiberWytch is coming of age, and it’s time for her to move into a blog of her own. (Yes, I do tend to view my business as a separate entity; why do you ask?) Fortunately, to my amazement, I already had a FiberWytch blog, which just needed to be dusted off and revamped; here it is, complete with a shiny new look!

Unlike this blog, the new blog exists solely for the purpose of promoting my shop, FiberWytch on Etsy. However, it won’t just be continual ads for products; I plan to also use it to give you a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at my creative process. In addition, shop news and sneak previews will happen there (often exclusively), subscribers will get to see new items first, and there will be surprise coupon codes and flash sales that will NOT be announced here. At the same time, I am going to be returning to an emphasis on pagan content here on Wytch of the North, and will be limiting myself to one FiberWytch-related post per day here. (By contrast, there may well be up to five posts per day over there that have to do with the shop in some way, depending on how much I have to promote on any given day.)

I will not be allowing comments on the new blog because its purpose is not discussion (which can happen here) but showcasing my products and creative process. If I post something there (or here, for that matter) that you would like to purchase, please private message me on Etsy. (I would prefer that all shop inquiries happen at Etsy, anyhow, rather than in blog comments or via email, as it makes my life easier if I can keep everything all in one place.)

So if you’d like an insider’s view of my shop and first look at new items, please consider subscribing to the new blog. I consider all FiberWytch subscribers (the ones who are somehow still miraculously there from before, and the new ones) to have V.I.P. status in relation to my business–and as always, I deeply appreciate your support!


4 thoughts on “New and improved FiberWytch blog

  1. I’m on board! Boy you sure are going to be some kind of busy! Looking forward to seeing all the new sparklies in the shop And reading the new posts.

  2. LOL, I tend to refer to Elfswag as a separate entity too. He’s equally sparkly and flamboyant. 😄

    • FiberWytch is a lot more sparkly, outrageous and glam than I am personally. She’s a colorful personality, to say the least–and she knows it. LOL.

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