Loki’s Blade


This spectacular necklace has the feel of a museum relic or medieval treasure. It was made to Loki’s specifications to honor Him as warrior and lover, defender of all those who belong to Him. It is a long necklace (27 1/2 inches, plus the sword pendant, which is 2 1/2 inches on its own), making it perfect for layering over shorter pieces. Even though Loki had input on this necklace, the fiery imagery would also be well-suited to other deities of war and/or love, such as Freyja, Ares, Surt, and many of the Rokkr Powers.

The focal pendant is a solid pewter broadsword with a dull steel finish, on a strand of 19 grade AA red iron pyrite rounds (which are breathtaking beautiful in person and do not translate well at all to photographs), interspersed with six carved pyrite roses, with rainbow ruby red aurora borealis Czech glass crystal rondelles, smaller dark purple/gunmetal aurora borealis crystal rondelles, and Tibetan silver rose beads.

IMG_2317IMG_2315IMG_2320Pyrite is made from iron, so it is attuned with the earth element, but it also resonates with Fire energy, giving the wearer the ability to bring creative ideas into manifestation. Masculine in nature, it is a gem of action, vitality and will, enhancing inspiration, confidence and the persistence to carry projects through to completion. A protective, shielding stone, it makes an effective warding amulet, particularly when charged for that purpose. Ironically given its nickname, “fool’s gold,” it helps the wearer to see through illusion and deception to what is real, and thus makes an excellent discernment talisman for spirit workers.

The necklace measures 27 1/2 inches, and fastens with an easy-to-work steel lobster claw clasp. Even though it is long, it is quite light and comfortable to wear. The sword pendant measures about 2 1/2 inches long and makes quite a dramatic impression, especially when worn on a necklace of this length.

I would be delighted to add a formal consecration to Loki (or another deity) at no extra charge before shipping your necklace.

This necklace is $120, and layaway is available if you really want this but it would be more convenient to pay via an installment plan. Please take a look at my layaway policy , and then contact me to discuss this!


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  1. Wow. I’m not Heathen at all, nor do I interact with Loki, but that doesn’t prevent me from recognizing something awesome.

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