Two New Giveaways!

Thanks to the incredible generosity of two of my blog readers, I have not one but two new giveaways to announce! Please choose just one to enter, not both, to keep things fair. Winners will be chosen next Sunday, June 7th.

Giveaway #1:


Tudor Rose Crown: The great ruling dynasty of medieval England, the Plantagenets, divided itself into two branches, the Yorks and the Lancasters. The Yorks took the white rose as their emblem, the Lancasters the red rose, and in the 15th century these two branches of the same family began nearly a hundred years of continuous warfare (known to history as the War of the Roses, and possibly better known to fantasy fans as the general plotline of Game of Thrones). When Henry Tudor invaded England and defeated Richard III (the York incumbent) in battle, he married a York princess who was heiress apparent to the throne, and adopted the Tudor rose–a combination of red and white–as the new emblem of his house.

This crown pays homage to the Tudor queens who presided over England’s most notorious dynasty, especially my Dis, Queen Anne Boleyn (second wife of the second Henry Tudor). Eight carved red resin roses alternate with faceted white onyx rounds, white aurora borealis Czech glass crystal rondelles, and green hematite spacers.

To keep the crown lightweight and wearable, the beads attach to a continuous brass chain which molds easily to the shape of your head. The crown measures about 23 inches. There are no clasps to fiddle with, you just rest the crown atop your head and go!

Onyx is a strengthening and secretive stone, assisting the wearer in keeping his or her own counsel. It is also said to store the memory of things that have happened to the wearer, and can be useful in psychometry. White onyx represents a link between the first and seventh chakras, helping to balance and unite all of the chakras.

To be entered in the giveaway for this crown, please leave a comment with your email address telling me why you would like to win it and what you feel it means to be a Queen and/or what Anne Boleyn or the Tudor dynasty means to you. Alternately, you can email me privately via wodandis at gmail dot com. Queen Anne will select the winner for this one. (It will not be via drawing, therefore you must state your reasons for wanting to win in order to be considered.)

Giveaway #2:


One soy votive candle made in honor of Forseti, son of Balder and Nanna (and the grandson of Odin and Frigga). Forseti is the god of justice, mediation, and wise arbitration. Forseti’s candle is a creamy beige, decorated with white and iridescent, color-shifting gold glitter, and scented with premium hazelnut cream fragrance oil. Hazelnuts are traditionally a symbol for wisdom, and the sweetness of the cream reminds us that good justice is always tempered with mercy.

This candle should go to someone who has need of justice in their life and who thinks Forseti may be able to help towards that end. To win it, please leave a comment below with your email address, or email me privately via wodandis at gmail dot com. Forseti will choose a winner via a drawing.

Whether you email or leave a comment, please make sure to mention which giveaway you are entering. Good luck!


7 thoughts on “Two New Giveaways!

    • Hi Wildkat! I do need a reason why you’d like to win this, as well as an answer as to what you feel it means to be a Queen, and/or what Anne Boleyn or the Tudor dynasty means to you. You can email this to me privately if you’re rather not say publicly on my blog. 🙂

  1. I have fallen in love with history, technically all of the Tudors stories (I thought Queen Anne Boleyn would have made the perfect Queen, if I had to choose); I have not the slightest idea if my family is connected to the Tudors or King Henry VIII at all (though the symbol is also inside my family history books, along side the French symbol of royalty), but I know, some where in time, with my blood-line, we came from the French kingdom, moving to the England kingdom toward some point in time (inside the French kingdom, our ancestor was known for being the “laughs” and such for the King, before we moved to another Kingdom with family, once this King respectfully passed away). I’ve always been fascinated by history, especially the story of the Tudors. May I please enter for The Tudor Crown, please? I believe this will be a treasure to behold and a keepsake.

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