New crowns at FiberWytch!

Two of my first batch of crowns have already sold, and one of the newer ones I just uploaded yesterday has been spoken for. I’m glad you guys like the crowns so much; I figured that, with so many people embracing the path of sacred queenship in one way or another, this might be an idea whose time had come–and it seems like it is!

I DO accept custom orders for crowns (whether they are for your sacred queenship practice or your wedding or to wear for the coming summer pagan festival season–or just because you want one), so you can go ahead and get in touch with me about that if you have something special in mind, even though I don’t have the official custom listing up yet. I’ve already ordered supplies (including some unusual and rare gemstone chips) to make even more crowns (as well as coordinating jewelry), but in the meantime I thought I’d showcase the three from my newest batch that are still available in the shop.


Ankh Crown: This Kemetic crown features an antiqued goldtone pewter ankh pendant, framed by deep blue lapis lazuli chips, half electroplated metallic gold black Czech glass crystal rondells, pale cobalt blue crystal microfaceted rounds, and gold-plated hematite spacers. The crown measures about 22 inches, with the pendant measuring about 3/4 inch.

Revered and treasured since ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli is a deeply spiritual stone, and aids in all intellectual pursuits. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding, enhances learning, and is excellent as an aid to memory.


Queen of Hearts II: The first Queen of Hearts crown sold quickly, and this one is just as pretty while still being unique!The central pendant is a goldtone puff heart, flanked by electroplated metallic antiqued gold Czech glass crystals, half-electroplated ruby red Czech glass crystals, and genuine ruby chips, with gold-plated hematite spacers.  The crown measures about 22 inches, with the pentacle measuring about 1/2 inch.

Considered the queen of stones and the stone of kings, ruby is a talisman of protection, passion, and prosperity.


Tree of Life: The centerpiece of this crown is a silvertone metallic pewter world tree pendant, framed by genuine unakite jasper chips, Czech glass crystal rondells in shades of emerald, peridot, and mint, and silver-plated hematite spacers.  The crown measures about 22 inches, with the pendant measuring about 1/2 inch.


Unakite jasper combines the nurturing prosperity of green with the soft, compassionate properties of pink. This stone helps balance the heart, lift the spirits, and release deep-seated emotions in a slow and gentle way.

I have designed my line of crowns to be really simple and easy to wear: the beads attach to a continuous brass chain (in either antiqued gold or silver-plated finish currently, but I have antiqued copper on the way!) which molds itself easily and comfortably to the shape of your head. There are no clasps to fiddle with, and nothing that squeezes your head or might give you a headache (these being some of the problems I’ve run into myself with crowns other people have made). You just sit the crown on top of your head and go–and it stays put! (If you are going to be highly active–running around, dancing, random other activities, etc.–you could always pin it on with a couple of bobby pins to make sure, but it shouldn’t be necessary. The bobby pins showing in my photos are holding back my bangs, which I’m in the process of growing out; they aren’t holding the crowns on my head.)

You can see the entire (and growing) assortment of crowns in my shop here.


5 thoughts on “New crowns at FiberWytch!

  1. Heh, you beat me to asking if you were going to accept custom crown orders. I will be ordering one from you at some point.

    • I will be making more, plus I accept custom orders for crowns; just poke me on Etsy or email me. I will have an actual custom listing up soon.

      • Yaay! I will have suggestions for custom Kemetic-themed ones, ooooh yes! I love the use of lapis lazuli chips. That, malachite, and carnelian will send me into the FOI priestess equivalent of hog heaven! 😉

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