Reality check-ins

Another example of my ritual cords in action: a set of elemental cords being used on an altar for Charming the Plough, by two of my friends back east. I love getting to see these actually being used!

Syncretic Mystic

At the end of January, Siduri and I got together to mark Charming of the Plow. We have done Imbolc in the past around this time but this year we had a new ritual to use. She found a book of ADF rituals using Norse cosmology called Sunna’s Journey, and it worked out well. We blessed some ritual tools with words and phalluses. We also made new moon affirmation jars filled with flax seed, and I have since painted mine accordingly. Even to my hyper-critical eye it looks alright.

Plow Charming 2015

Seed jar with Diana's bow

And yes, those cords in the top picture are from Fiberwytch.

It was a good ritual, and about all I have been able to do recently. My energy levels so far this year have been abysmal. I rang in 2015 with the worst allergy attack of my life, and I still do not know what triggered it. It was…

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