A special ritual cord for writers


A one of a kind cord especially for writers, filled with healing Reiki energies and charged magickally with creativity, eloquence, and the intent to write prolifically and produce lots and lots of great material!

This cord also resonates very well with deities who specialize in creativity, words, and language, such as Odin, Brigid, Hermes, and Thoth

The cord is made from the finest hand dyed Pacific Northwest Cheviot wool with plenty of silk and shimmer, along with locally sourced and hand dyed Coopworth lamb locks. It was Navajo plied with a strand of sparkly magenta metallic yarn. A velvety blend of dark blues blended with deep wine-red/burgundy, lit with flashes of flame-blue.

Please be aware that each monitor shows color a bit differently.

Blessed and consecrated with the energies of self love and soaked with clear crystal and essential oils of clove, peppermint, and rosemary. Charged with the runes Ansuz, Dagaz, Laguz, and Kenaz.

The cord ends are adorned with four charms: an antiqued silvertone quill pen with ink pot, an antiqued silvertone book, an antiqued silvertone crescent moon (to help you find inspiration in your dreams, as well as burn the midnight oil to get those words out), and a water-clear quartz crystal bead–a crystal ball to gaze into for inspiration.

You can use this cord:

– To adorn an altar for your writing, or for any deity associated with writing and language
– As a prayer cord, for working with any deity of writing
– To wear while writing, as a trigger than it’s time to sit down and get to work
– For petitioning a god or goddess of inspiration
– For any ritual or spell having to do with creativity, writing, or your writing career
– To contact any god of writing in meditation or journeying, or to assist you in meditating on your work in progress
– As a dedication cord to a god of writing or language
– As a necklace lariat, belt, or hair tie to wear to a rite in honor of a deity of creativity and language, or in honor of yourself as an author
– For knot spell work
– To spread on the floor to mark out your ritual circle for working with a god of writing, or for casting spells having to do with writing or creativity
– As a portable altar/shrine to a god of writing or language, or a stealth shrine (for those who are unable to practice openly)
– To wear on any occasion when you want to surround yourself with the blessings of creativity, inspiration, and eloquence

I’ve just finished posting a few more one of a kind ritual cords to the shop! Some of these were created using yarn left over from previous custom orders (in case any of you recognize them); I usually end up with some leftovers from these, and I don’t believe in wasting wool. They have been re-consecrated with appropriate oils and charms added. Right now I have one of a kind cords for Odin, Freyr, and Solar Power; more on the way soon!


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  1. That was beautiful, so was the solar cord, too bad the custom cords and Bhakti cord are all I can afford but it’s worthy.
    Love seeing your work but admit your book sounds fascinating.

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