Breath and Blood

“So the goal of this meditation is to see your life through this lens: that the Beloved moves your breath and your blood. That the Beloved is the source and sustenance of every moment of your life. Now here’s the part where it gets interesting:
You are the same to Them.
Consider what Divine lips hang on yours, waiting for the next breath to be given. Consider what Divine heart rests trustingly laid in the palms of your hands, unable to move except by your leave.”

Probably not surprisingly, breath is a recurring theme in my relationship with Odin; He uses breath as a teaching tool, a method for getting me to ground and center, and a way for us to come together as one. He often has me breathe in His essence, and brings my focus to the fact that I am taking breath directly from His lips. Maybe more surprisingly (since this theme tends to crop up more often among Loki’s women, as far as I’ve observed), we also have a “heart thing”; a long time ago, He reached into my chest, removed my heart, replaced it with His, and then put my heart into His own chest. Whenever the need arises, He forces my awareness towards the fact that I carry His heart, that it is beating within my chest. So this post struck home on several levels for me, and maybe will for you, too; go and read it!

Amidst Fires

Greetings intrepid readers! Apologies for the very long hiatus; my husband and i recently moved from the US to the UK, and it’s taken me a little while to get settled in. I’m woefully behind on everyone’s blogs, but i promise to start catching up quickly. I wanted to come back to my Internet kindred with a gift in hand, so i thought i’d share a meditation I’ve been toying with lately.

A few years ago, i came across a meditation taught by a Hindu from the bhakti tradition (i.e., the branch of Hinduism that focuses on cultivating a devotional relationship with one’s ishta-devata). I’ve since expanded and adapted this meditation to suit my own practice. Give it a try, and see if it’s something that resonates with you.

Consider for a moment the creation of Ask and Embla from Völuspá:

Önd þau né átto,
óð þau né höfðo,
lá né…

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