Review of my Anne Boleyn essay from Walking the Worlds

Rebecca Buchanan’s BookMusings blog on PaganSquare featured a review of Volume 1 of the new Walking the Worlds journal today, and I wanted to share what she had to say about my essay on  Anne Boleyn:

Next is the most unexpected essay in the journal: “Assuming the Mantle: The Lessons of Queen Anne Boleyn” by Beth Wodandis Lynch. I am sure that I am not the only one who was surprised to find a celebration of a devoutly Christian Queen in a polytheism journal, but it works. With clarity and detail, Lynch lays out exactly why she is drawn to Boleyn, and what Boleyn can teach modern polytheist women. I was ambivalent about Boleyn when I started the essay; now I’m a fan.

I realize that the inclusion of a Christian Queen in polytheistic ancestor worship won’t be for everyone, but I have witnessed Anne’s growing popularity as a heroine among some of the polytheist women I’ve encountered (especially those drawn to a sovereignty-related path), so I feel my piece was both timely and needed. It was also written as a way of thanking Anne for Her attention and advice, both of which have benefitted me immensely

If you’re on the fence as to whether this journal, or the inaugural issue of it, is for you, go read Buchanan’s review; she does a very nice job of breaking down the contents and summarizing each essay.  (Yeah, I hear you regarding the price, but I will point out that this amounts to more of a book than a magazine, being perfect-bound with 126 pages.)

And for anyone who may not be interested in the entire contents but does want to read my Anne piece, I will publishing it as an e-book in six months, after the rights revert to me, and it will also be available in my shop at that point as an instant download pdf, probably for $5 or so. But sorry, unless you buy the journal, you will have to wait a bit!


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    • Thank you! 🙂 I am interested in the other essays too, especially after reading Buchanan’s summary–just haven’t found the reading time for them yet!

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