Letter to a New Spirit Worker (pt. II)

Part of my work with Odin has been focused on turning *myself* into a dynamo, into the kind of person who is always working towards one of my goals, always plotting and planning, always moving forward and doing *something.* He teaches me how to recognize when I actually need rest and when I’m just trying to slough off work, how to know what needs doing and what’s needless motion, how to make my actions count more. (Sometimes I feel a bit like a shark, like I would actually die if I were to stop doing, stop Making.) My own choice is involved in these things; He shows me *how* to make these decisions but He doesn’t (usually) make them for me. And even when He does, I still have to do the actual work. He encourages and helps me strategize; He can’t (and wouldn’t if He could) do the work for me.

The Road, the Walker, and What Comes Next

Dear You,

If the Powers and Potencies can be said to have one shared, defining characteristic, it might dynamism. Their ability to effect change manifests in more ways than we are even aware of, though we try to make sense of these sacred personalities by outlining the ways in which their dynamism is most obvious to us and our interests. This is why we say one Power is like lightening while another is like the slow inexorable pace of a glacier. This is why we say one Power is related to love spells and high wild windy places and tiny Shetland ponies and another is related to the depths of computer networks. It’s all just various avenues of potential change.

It’s helpful to remember that this dynamism is a naturally arising property of their being; they can’t not act and they can’t not cause change through their proximity. Sometimes they…

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