Walking the Worlds Volume 1: Ancestors and Hero Cultus

wtw1covertnFinally there is a new, peer-reviewed print journal dedicated to investigating meaty polytheist and spirit work topics in a deep and uncompromising way: Walking the Worlds.  I’ve been very excited about this new bi-annual publication ever since I first learned about it, and am no less so now that the first issue is available for purchase and it includes an article by yours truly, Assuming the Mantle: the Lessons of Queen Anne Boleyn. I’m truly honored to be included among the other writers here, all of them dedicated polytheists, spirit workers, and scholars, and I was thrilled to have this opportunity to talk about Anne and the impact she has had on my life.

If you’ve enjoyed my blog posts about Anne, you will want to read this piece, in which I talk about how she first came into my life, some of the practices that make up my cultus for her, and how I believe that she–despite being a Christian Queen–can serve as an inspiration and role model for polytheist women and godpouses. I have found common ground with Anne in her religious passion, perseverance, and uncrushable spirit; perhaps you will, too!

I’m excited to dig into some of the other articles in this first issue, and can’t wait to see what the upcoming themes will yield. You can get your copy here!




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  1. So, my comment isn’t directly relevant to this post but I noticed your Queen Anne shrine via your sidebar. Lovely shrine for the Queen! Blessings.

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