A World Full of Spirits

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Oh my goodness, YES. Another huge clue on the path to recognizing myself as a Traditional Witch (or at least some version of one) has been the idiosyncratic way in which Odin has presented Himself to me…right from the beginning, when, as I mentioned in my post On Being a Cunning Woman, He was calling Himself “the Devil.” (This was back in my teens, waaaay before I knew Odin even existed, as such.)

My Odin is so idiosyncratic, in fact, that I’ve often wondered if He is the same Odin other people are interacting with (and He may not be–barring the idea that He might not be Woden or Wodan instead, which are also possibilities if the aforenamed gods aren’t really all one and the same). Regardless, He presented Himself to me as Odin and so that is the name I call Him by–even while my wedding band says Wodan in runes, and the new last name I plan to adopt is Wodandis, not Odindis.

Does it really matter? As Heather points out, They present to us the parts of Themselves They need us to know and love, which are also the parts we need in our lives. If my Odin turns out to not be THE Odin (and I’m not saying I think He isn’t, mind you; I’ve had plenty of confirmation and am not issuing a challenge, thank you very much ;P), that matters to me not at all; He is still MY Odin and I wouldn’t switch Him for another.

I would not be surprised if a lot of the spirits mentioned in the witch trials, the ones who became the companions of cunning folk, were known by other names as well, some of which we’re more familiar with. I’m reading a book right now (Sorgitzak by Veronica Cummer) that discusses the Witch Gods as she understands them, but also gives alternate names pagans would be more familiar with. In fact, there is a passage I want to share here (not tonight though) on Magistrar, the Black Man, god of the rim (of the Compass Rose) that describes my Odin pretty well–His energies, if not His personality–although she does not identify Him with Odin.


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