Sock, Part Deux! [FiberyGoodnessFriday]

I now have hand-knitted (by Jo) socks!!! TWO of them!!! And I’m going to be wearing them today!!!

I love Jacob sheep. They’re the heavy metal Goth sheep of the fiber world, with their black and white coloration and polycerate horns, and they look quite intimidating when you first see a picture of them. But then you see them in person and…they’re three feet tall. Seriously. Which makes them the “fear me” sheep. (Their wool is easy to spin, too!)

Strip Me Back To The Bone

socks! and one gouty toe . . . socks! and one gouty toe . . .

No, you’re not seeing double. That’s my sock. My second sock. That I made. With glorified string. By myself. My very own sock.

Er. Beth’s very own sock! SockS!

For those interested in such things: the yarn I used was Jacob yarn from Shaggy Bear Farms here in Oregon. For the last few years their booth at Black Sheep Gathering has caught my eye, and caught up in my “by golly I’m gonna knit socks!!” fervor this summer, I finally, finally purchased some of their yarn. Jacob yarn, because, dude. Jacob sheep.

Jacob sheep. Jacob sheep.

I'm not kidding, you guys. I’m not kidding, you guys.
Based on the sheep breeds that I’ve had the opportunity to be around and whose fiber I’ve been able to knit, if Beth and I had land and could support a spinners flock? I’d want Shetland sheep, hands down, but I…

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