Fibromyalgia and Spiritual Emergency

My newest post is live over at my PaganSquare blog, Threads.  It’s an updated version of what I posted here in response to Camilla’s post, but with some bits added in that were inspired by the discussion thread that took place here.

Look, I am going to be blunt about this: I am generally a nice person, I enjoy conversing with others, and I try to make my blog a hospitable place.  But I do have lines, and if you cross one of them you will find no quarter from me.  One of those lines is Odin; He will not be trash-talked here in my personal online space.  (And thus far no one has attempted to do so, thankfully. )  Another one has to do with animals; if you try to tell me they are somehow lesser than humans or don’t have souls, you’re out; I won’t approve your comments and I have nothing to say to you.  A third has to do with my invisible illnesses, fibromyalgia and IBS (plus a couple more, but who’s counting?) I don’t talk about them a whole lot here except in passing (perhaps not as much as I should), but I absolutely will not tolerate the attitude that I am somehow responsible for being ill, that if I only meditated more or gave up the medicines that keep me functioning I’d be okay.  This is a blaming the victim tactic and I won’t allow it here; take that shit to someone else’s blog.  So if you are going to come at me with any of the above three attitudes, stop reading now and go someplace else.  I’m dead serious about that.

Also, I know that my PaganSquare posts are open season to flaming.  Please be aware that I don’t respond to comments there, or on the Witches and Pagan Facebook page, for precisely that reason.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming.


2 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and Spiritual Emergency

  1. Glad you said that about responding to comments, because I just left you one there, LOL. I said that as a spiritual person, myself, who has chronic fatigue syndrome, I was grateful for your post. And I like the suggestion that a shaman sickness could be a chronic one, and the assertion that chronic illness does not make you less spritual or mean that you have failed somehow. Thanks for making that point!

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