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Just a really quick question for those of you who have purchased my ritual cords.  (And I know a lot of you have, for which I am so grateful!)

My standard length for them so far has been 3 yards (or 9 feet), which is the traditional length for a Wiccan cingula.  But I’m wondering, how many of you actually use them for this purpose?  Would a shorter cord of perhaps 2 yards (6 feet), or even a bit shorter, be equally attractive to you (maybe even preferable?) I have noticed that some of you have placed custom orders for shorter cords, and that most of the ritual cords out there on the market are shorter by quite a bit.

I’m considering other features to be added for some of the cords, and planning to offer a greater variety of them very soon, but my most important question for right now is, what length would YOU prefer, for my basic ritual cords? Is three yards just too long for you?


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  1. Hello Beth

    I’m not entirely sure what a good standard length would be……I know personally that three yards is a little too much but if that’s what comes with it than *Shrugs* the cords look amazing nonetheless. I know for the purpose that we have in mind for ours we really only need it to be long enough to used for a handfasting type ceremony.

    I know I plan on buying more from you later in the future as I have a few ideas for things and I know for a fact that three yards would most certaintly be too long.

    I’m sorry if that doesn’t really help too much but just my thoughts on the subject. I hope you find the answers you need!

    • Thanks, Rob! All I’m really looking for is each person’s personal preference, and then I can make a decision based on that. “Three yards is too long” is very helpful! 🙂

  2. Well, I’ve purchased several cords from you and I think they range between 2 – 3 yards. Personally, I liked the fact that they were long with the first cords I received cause the length allows them to be wrapped around oneself, altar, etc. more readily plus they just feel right that way. Blessings.

  3. I mostly use mine to adorn my altar, but also plan to hold it in my hand when I pray on occasion. Three yards seems kind of luxurious for these purposes. Not bad by any means, but shorter would serve the same purpose for me!

  4. Right now, I love the length, because I can put it all around my wrist, around my neck, etc. I can go around several time if it’s too long, whereas if it’s too short you can do nothing about it.

  5. Mine hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m going to be using it to set up sacred space for Hekate, rather than in a Wiccan fashion. I think the three yards is a good option to have (how excited must the priestess be who discovers someone who actually makes them that long?) but yes, you might want to test shorter cords as well. If you keep the long one in your inventory, I suggest using the phrase “Wiccan cingula” in the description. SEO is your friend.

    • Nine feet is a really good length if you’re wanting to set up sacred space with it.

      Thank you for the tip! I think I do tag some of them “cingula” on Etsy, but it’s a good idea to make sure they’re tagged that way on WordPress too when I post about them here. 🙂 (Yours shipped on Friday, btw; you should have it soon!)

  6. I think it depends on what a person plans to do with them–worn cords might need to be longer, but the shorter cord I ordered was for a shrine and the length both more manageable for the size of the shrine and significant to the deity. So purpose is important to deciding the length, for me.

    • Yes, Grace, that’s an excellent point! I may offer them in two different lengths, since there seems to be interest in both.

  7. Longer is good if you’re looking to, for example, go round an altar or small floor space more than once (like I can loop my cord around my altar three times), but shorter would also be fine, especially for wearable cords (though even then it can be looped around the waist/hips more than once). It really depends on what the person is doing with it. I like my cord just fine. 🙂

    • Thank you, Nono!! (Is that one of your acceptable for-short names?) I’m really glad you like it and I was very happy to hear about how it is fitting into your practice. 🙂 I think I’m going to just have to offer them in both lengths; then folks can choose what works for them.

  8. The cord I use as cingulum is three yards and fits perfectly when folded in half and then tied; I’m happy to have a traditional-length cord and wouldn’t prefer a shorter one. Anyway, your cords have the feeling of an organic whole growing out of magical intention – that is, the form and the function go together, and each one feels like it’s the length that it’s “supposed” to be. I do appreciate the custom option (as two of the pieces I requested were clothing items that needed to fit a certain way), but except for the occasional odd project, have never wished the cords to be different. 🙂

    • your cords have the feeling of an organic whole growing out of magical intention – that is, the form and the function go together, and each one feels like it’s the length that it’s “supposed” to be

      I love that comment, thank you so much! That’s exactly what I’m striving for here. 🙂

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