I have a proposal, and I need your input!

Do you love pagan/fantasy fiction? Would you pay $5 a month to get a brand new story (4,000 words or more) by Jolene Dawe delivered to your in-box every month? (Jo is the author of Treasures from the Deep and The Faery Queen of Spencer’s Butte and Other Tales; her work has also appeared in Eternal Haunted Summer and a number of anthologies). We have a new unexpected monthly dental bill for her that is going to take a huge bite out of our budget, and this is one of her ideas for helping to minimize the impact on our already strained finances. Please help if you can!

(Please note: this post is a reblog.  I can pass your comments on to Jo, but I have a bad memory, so it would be better to comment directly to her original post on her own blog, linked below.)


The Saturated Page

Yesterday I got a new, surprise dental estimate for work that really needs to get done, and I’m staggered. This new bill is going to give us roughly $37 of wiggle room left, on a monthly basis, for the next year and a half. This is scaring the bejezus out of me.

I’m thinking I’m going to offer a monthly short story to people who sign up/and or pay on a monthly basis. I’m putting out feelers for this, because I have no idea what shape that should take. However much work I have to do towards formatting takes away from actual writing time, so — Nook and Kindle formatted files sent to email? (in which case I would beg forgiveness for the first however many installments as I learn my way around the process) Create a newsletter type thing and put the work on there? Do I include cover…

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2 thoughts on “I have a proposal, and I need your input!

  1. Possibly. I agree with the all the points for making it $10 an issue, but speaking for myself I probably couldn’t afford more then $5. I have a kindle, and emailing the stories out would work for me.

    • Hi there and thanks for commenting! This was actually a reblog of my partner’s post, but I’ll pass your comments on to her! 🙂

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