The Spirit of the Shrine

An awesome post from Jo pondering what role the shrine she keeps for her god, Poseidon, has in her relationship with Him. I agree with much of what she says here. Especially in recent years, Odin has made it more and more clear to me that He wants His shrine space to be about u/Us and o/Our relationship, and not just about Him. Making it into this is an evolving process, but I’ve never seen His shrine as THE focal point of my relationship with Him anyway (which is why, although I do altar devotions from time to time, they don’t tend to be a daily by-rote thing–and, probably unsurprisingly to readers of this blog, He isn’t big on anything done by rote, anyway). I do love the idea of the shrine having its own spirit though (not Odin, but in the same way all of our important tools have spirits).

Strip Me Back To The Bone

(As I write that title, I’m realizing that there’s a story’s worth of imagery and content in there, and I think I have a new project for the current story is tied up. Neat!)


A while ago (I forget where exactly) I was talking with someone (I forget who, exactly) about shrines, specifically my shrine for Poseidon and how it is less a sacred space set aside for His worship, how it is less a space in the house in which He could come and live and be present, and more a tribute to our relationship. (Hrm. I might have been talking about that here. I’ll have to go looking, at some point.) I know there are traditions in which the god or spirit is believed to come into an object, is believed to live in that space. I believe these things can happen, that they do happen, and so…

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