New Beltane Ritual Cords

Summer is a comin’ in, and these fabulous cords are here to help you celebrate!Cotswold and BFL/Gotland locks, hand processed from local fleece, were hand dyed in a mix of vibrant colors, then lightly carded with plenty of sparkle for a highly textured cord with bright pops of color to represent all of the passion and joy of the season. Spun with intent and healing Reiki energy, and infused with the magic of purification, passion, and fertility. Rinsed with meadowsweet flowers, rose absolute, and essential oils of blue yarrow, rosemary, and juniper.  (Click on the photo below to enlarge and see all the details!)
100_7537You can use these cords:- To adorn your altar for Beltane
– For any ritual or spell having to do with purification, passion, sex magic and/or fertility
– To set your intentions for the new moon or celebrate the full moon
– As a dedication cord to a deity
– For the altar of a goddess (or god) of purification, passion, sex, and/or fertility
– To begin a new project
– In magic designed to attract a new relationship, add some zest to an existing one, or encourage fertility either for yourself, for your garden, or for a creative project
– For a handfasting cord
– For a new mama (or soon to be mama) gift; would also make a thoughtful gift for a woman who is trying to conceive
– As a necklace lariat, belt, or hair tie to wear to a Beltane celebration
– For knot spell work
– To wear on any occasion when you want to surround yourself with an aura of sexual energy and appeal
Each cord features an antiqued silvertone pentacle charm as well as one of three additional charms: choose from dragonfly, butterfly, or ladybug.  Available at Fiberwytch on Etsy! 



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    • Thank you! 🙂 I will be adding a number of new cords in the coming weeks, since my stock is getting pretty low at this point.

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