Oracular seidhr for March: Sunday, March 9th

I am a day late in posting this: my next oracular seidhr session will be held next Sunday evening, March 9th.   If you would like to be included, please email your question to me at: wodandis at gmail dot com.

It is very important that all requests for this month contain the header: “ORACLE FOR MARCH.”  This is to make sure we do not miss your email when searching my inbox for seidhr requests.  (Do NOT include “seidhr” in the header; there are too many possible spelling variations, which means that we will very likely miss your request.)

Please keep in mind that I accept only ONE question per session from each individual (with NO follow up questions, as usual), and am limiting each session to FIVE separate querents. In addition, please allow 2-3 days after the session to receive your answer, to account for the fact that Jo needs to type up the dictation she takes down during the sessions, after which I look over and sometimes amend her transcription before emailing the answers off to the querents.

Thank you for understanding, and please email me before next Sunday 12 noon Pacific time if you would like your question included in the upcoming session. Anyone who sends theirs in too late will have the option of being first in my queue for the April session!  (If you missed your chance to be included in February and I said I would hold your question for March, please email to remind me of that.)

As always, donations are very gratefully accepted.  I am only able to work part time at my day job due to chronic “invisible” illnesses (fibromyalgia, IBS, arthritis, etc.), and we now have expensive heart maintenance meds to buy for our dog, so although never required, donations are really, really appreciated!  If you would like to make a donation you may do via Paypal at wodandis at gmail dot com.

More information about my practice may be found here.