Ancestors and your Beloved Dead

If you’ve had problems starting an ancestral practice because your blood ancestors are people you just can’t or don’t want to connect with, you need to read this post by Del. I followed a similar process to what he describes here in finding my Queens–none of whom are, as far as I know, related to me by blood. Blood is important, but there are other ties that can be just as strong, if not even stronger.

Sex, Gods, and Rock Stars


Many different forms of Paganism and Polytheism put some level of emphasis on honoring and/or working with Ancestors. This can be problematic for those whose parents/guardians were less than honorable in their parenting skills, whether that mean abuse, alcoholism/addiction, neglect, or abandonment. It is also difficult for those who were actively or passively “kicked out” of their family – whether their family has explicitly told them to go away and never come back, or if repeated attempts to connect with family show that they have no interest in connecting with you. Having a family whose identity is strictly bound to a certain religion or faith tradition that is incompatible with your life choices and/or spiritual beliefs may also complicate matters or make them impossible. Children of adoption may not have any knowledge about their blood lineages and may feel disingenuous trying to work with their adoptive lineage. In short…

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2 thoughts on “Ancestors and your Beloved Dead

  1. When I connected to my ancestors I seemed to skip over the immediate last thousand years and find my Kin in the more ancient times. Definitely pre-xtian/Pagan. I wouldn’t give 2 F*****’s for my immediate ancestors.

    • Many people have these sorts of difficulties with their immediate blood kin, sadly! I have a handful, only those I knew in life and have lost; after that, I had to reach back quite a ways…

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