The first Fiberwytch shop update for 2014!

The holidays may be over, but it’s still plenty cold out there! And there’s still plenty of time to knit up some warming, wearable treats for yourself or that special person.  Didn’t get quite the thing you wanted for Yule?  Make it yourself!

january 5 yarns


2 thoughts on “The first Fiberwytch shop update for 2014!

  1. Oh wow! These are awesome! I’ve already decided to spin for the ladies for next years holidays. The only thing is, I’ve not spun in so long I’ve forgotten how. (I was 8 I think.) I got out my old spindle, though, and none of the tutorials online use it! It’s a drop spindle, yes. But it has no hook. Just a groove. So I’ll probably have to ask for a new spindle for my birthday. I was just wondering what kind you use/ used to use? I’m also debating investing in a wheel. You’re awesome and these are beautiful.

    • Thank you!:) And yay, spinning! I mostly use a wheel these days (I have three at this point), but I have two Ashford spindles (the heavy student one, which is what I started on, and the midweight one, which I think weighs about an ounce) as well as a fancy handmade yew and ebony one from Israel. The one in the photo is actually my partner Jo’s spindle, which I had been spinning on because my midweight Ashford was full and she hardly ever uses it). I may spin something on the Israeli one just so I can make another blog banner with it; it’s really beautiful!

      If you’re looking for a spindle, the best assortment I’ve ever seen (at a whole range of prices) is on the Woolery: There are a couple I have my eye on there, too!

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