New Spiritual Services page

People have had questions about the Tarot/Rune Readings I offer, which made me realize that I buried the details on them at the bottom on my Oracular Seidhr page, and that I could have been clearer on such fine points as how many questions are allowed.  So, I have created a shiny new Spiritual Services page, which currently has updated information on my readings, which are by appointment, cost a flat fee of $25, and can include up to three questions as long as those three questions are closely related.  Take a look at the page for some examples of what I mean by that.

And by the way, if you’re still looking for a great last minute gift or feel like treating yourself to a reading for 2014, one of my readings would be a great choice, especially now, during the Yule season, when the veil is so thin and reaching through it is so easy.  To make it extra easy to order/request one, just hop on over to my Etsy store and purchase this listing.  (If you’re thinking about a reading as a gift, let me know; I’d be happy to whip up a pretty gift certificate, either paper or digital, to send your gift recipient; then they can just email me their question/s when they’re ready!)