Banishing Guilt

Reblogging this simply to give it more exposure. If you banish anything at all at the end of this year, guilt would be an excellent choice. Misplaced guilt holds us back from getting what we want in life without actually helping anyone else. It is the perfect self-saboteur.

Strip Me Back To The Bone

2013 has been . . . a year. It has been a wretched year for many people I know and love dearly, and because of that I feel badly that, for me, it’s been a year of recovery and breathing, of holding still and letting the wretchedness of last year travel its course. I won’t lie — a decent amount of the beginning of this year was lost, to sleep and to wine. I’m not ashamed. My kind, we hibernate. I hibernated.

2012 came to a close and took my grandparents and one of our girls with it. We prayed that we would end 2013 with our household numbers stable, and so far it looks like we’ll be granted that — various tush troubles not-withstanding. (Anal sacs! The horrible, horrible things anal sacs can cause!)

I wrote a lot of material this year. More than I’ve written in any one…

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