Huge update at FiberWytch on Etsy: Planetary Magical Cords

planetary cords adI have just  (finally!) completed the huge shop update that life has been interfering with my actually getting done for the past two weeks! The Planetary Magical Cord collection has eaten several weeks of my life and includes 21 cords (not all of them shown below), two for each planet (except for the Sun, which wound up with three because it’s sheshul like that).  I had a lot of fun trying out different spinning styles for some of these, so in addition to my trademark Navajo plied-style you’ll also see cabled cords, supercoils, intermittently coiled 2-plies, crepes, etc., etc., in a bewildering array of brilliant, hand dyed colors.  All of my art yarn planetary cords are completely hand crafted by me all the way from raw sheep’s fleece to finished item.  Farm-fresh, locally sourced fleece is gently hand washed, hand dyed using Greener Shades dye (an environmentally friendly and non-toxic line of professional-quality acid dyes), hand carded on my drum carder, blended with kid Mohair, bits of silk, flax, and lots of sparkle, and then hand spun and plied on my snazzy purple Columbine wheel, Foxglove.

But the cords are not just pretty; they have each been magically charged by me (with planetary symbols, runes and Reiki) at a propitious time for the planet in question.  Handspun needs a bath in cool water to set its twist, and I took advantage of this opportunity to add herbs, essential oils, and gemstones to the rinse water to further enhance the energetic qualities of each individual cord.  You can use these cords in cord magic attuned to the particular planet (or the astrological sign/s it rules), place them on your altar during ritual for a deity whose sphere of influence is in accord with that planet, wear them as a symbol of your magical intention, use them in handfasting rites, or simply enjoy them as fiber art lariats to remind yourself of your magical working or your overall path.



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  1. So…I don’t really know anything about fibers, weaving – the whole lot of it really but I really love a lot of these cords. Your cords are quite beautiful. Blessings.

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