Seidhr for August is now CLOSED…

However, if you have already let me know to expect a question from you and I have emailed you back, then your question will be included!  (As long as I receive it before the evening of Wednesday 8/14.)

I hope everyone is enjoying this strangely liminal month of August thus far.  Today we went on a day trip that felt like a spiritual pilgrimage for me, to what must truly be one of the most spectacularly beautiful spots on earth: Crater Lake.  Formed only from snow water within the collapsed pit of what still remains a viable, yet dormant, volcano, this is the deepest lake in the United States and the water is a pure, crystalline blue. It has been a very sacred place for the Native tribes, and is teeming with spirits; as a place where fire, water, earth and sky all meet and are connected, it forms a powerful conduit between the worlds and I had a number of revelations connecting it with Perthro, Hvergelmir, and the Well of Wyrd, as well as more personal insights showing how it relates to my own path.

At any rate, I took a bunch of photos and a few videos and will be sharing them here in a few days, as soon as I get a chance to upload them.


4 thoughts on “Seidhr for August is now CLOSED…”

  1. I used to get the blue/green algae collected from this lake and have never been healthier. Reading this now I want to find it again. It’s a beautiful and very spiritual place for sure. I’ve never been there but want to go.

    1. I figured that was what you meant! You can see the green-blue around the outer perimeter of the lake, where there are rocks close to the surface and the sunlight warms the water a bit; the rest of the water is all a very intense blue. The park surrounding the lake is a sub-arctic climate, so it is more or less winter there about 8-10 months of the year.

  2. I find Crater Lake to be ineffably beautiful, and chilly in both the literal and metaphorical senses. The Native Americans kept the story of Mount Mazama alive for 7000 years. Seven. Thousand. Years. They remembered the catastrophic eruption and told their children, “It is a holy place, it is a deadly place.”

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