A day for Loki

We had, up until today, a large orange bell pepper growing on our little pepper plant in the front yard, just waiting to be picked and enjoyed.  But then Jo got home from work and said, “Please tell me you harvested the pepper.” Of course, I hadn’t, and of course, it was gone.  My initial impulse was to hope that whoever had stolen it choked on it.  (Yes, I am a rather harsh lady sometimes, although it generally doesn’t show either online or in my in-person interactions.)  And then it hit me.  I had postponed Loki’s offerings for Lokabrenna Day from Tuesday; maybe He was getting impatient and decided to take His own offering. (Because, He will totally do that, as I’m sure many of you are aware.)

So tonight Loki got the Swedish fish and canned margarita I had bought for Him (which were, believe it or not, actually the offerings He requested).  Afterwards, Odin made a point of thanking me for making His brother welcome in our home and in my heart, and I was taken aback for a moment because, well, isn’t it obvious that I would?  But I do know better.  I have been at Heathen gatherings where people spat every time His name was mentioned, where an Odin’s gothi downplayed the presence of an Odin ve (set up by me) on the campsite simply because it was right next down to a Loki ve set up by a friend.  It should be taken for granted, perhaps, that someone so important to Odin would be welcomed by all those who love Him, but alas, that is not the case.

And so today I give thanks to Loki for Himself and for all the things He has done for and meant to my Husband, as well as for all He has done for and meant to me, including some of the people He has brought into my life, the pair of cats He gave us years ago who rapidly spawned a whole army of cats, and the spirit horse/seidhr crown gifted to me by one of His women. (The spirit horse who resides in the crown has quickly become a treasured Ally for me—even though He will still not allow me to take a photograph for your viewing pleasure; He is young and fiesty, but a little camera shy.)

Hail Loki!


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  1. Hello Beth

    I’ve said it plenty of times before and I’ll say it again: I am eternally baffled by how some people are willing to go nuts and hateful over Loki and show their ugliest sides towards his devotees. I remember participating in a gathering while still in the states where a bunch of diffrent types of heathens and pagans where gathered and the local folks devoted to the Thunderer, who had been very polite and hospitiple towards me, suddenly turn into a hateful mob spitting on some of the Lokians who showed up to the festival. I remember this one person I met before the actual gathering started who I had a very interesting and thought provoking conversation. For some reason no one wanted to invite him into their personal campfire and share a bit of their food and drink which completely enraged me as the havamal which is supposed to contain words of wisdom from the Allfather himself states that we should give hospitality to those in need who show up at our doorstep looking for warmth or nourishment. So I instantly let him get warm by my own fire and gave him some of my beer and the food I was preparing though it wasn’t nearly as grand as what some of the other campfires were having. I later foundout that he was one of the Loki devotees and a lot of of the other heathens there was being overly hostile towards him which was why none of the other folks who showed up early and set up their campfires would let him join them.

    I remember getting into an argument over someone who claimed to be a Wotansman who was so against honoring Loki as to get slightly violent over it. I remember him getting pissy over people, myself included, giving some of the drink to Loki when toasting to Wotan. He tried to claim that the whole piece of lore about needing to toast to Loki if toasting to the allfather is irrelevant due to his deeds. I then pointed out that there was no piece of lore (that I was aware of) that pointed that the whole oath they made and shared were null and void. I also reminded this guy that, from what I remembered, Wotan took substanceance from drink more than anything else and therefore anything involving him and drink should be taken seriously and that one could argue that that if Wotan valued drink as much as it was showned in the lore that it would only make sense to honor such vows he made specifically those involving hospitality as that concept is very sacred in Heathenry.

    Not that I’m saying that drink offerings are the only thing Wotan likes….I leave the personal strong relationships with the allfather with those who have properly fostered and maintained such with him.

    As for the disappearing offering goes I’ve had that happen to me once so far. My wife and I were busy during one week where we were going to honor Donar and and just weren’t able to with everything that was going on. So the first moment we were able to, a few days after the one we were planning on to, I went to where I was keeping a special bottle of beer for him and it was gone. Not just drunk or thrown out but gone. My wife doesn’t drink alcohol at all and never goes near tthe place where I keep my drinks. So I got out the rest of the stuff we were also planning on offering and gave that to them….And then got hit with a massive thunderstorm that evening.


    1. LOL!! That doesn’t surprise me at all. 🙂 I bought a beer for Thor over the holidays; I forget what brand but it was one of those special extra-strong Yule season beers, and it had an appropriate name as well as a little white toy goat attached to it that I planned to hang next to Thor’s picture. Well, when I got home the goat was missing. I was upset about it until Jo pointed out that Thor had probably already taken it.

      1. Ha! Now THAT is awesome!

        It is always great when things like that happens. Gives one a bit of a “visual” reminder of the presence of our holy folk.

    2. This makes me sad, and illustrates one reason why I don’t use the term “Heathen” nor consider myself part of that community — I won’t go anywhere where Loki is not welcome, and it seems that He is unwelcome more and more among American Heathens these days.

      But hooray for you, for both honoring Him and sharing your fire with the Loki’s-man you met 🙂

      1. Thanks, Elizzabeth, I tend to take hospitality, specifically when in religious gatherings or rites, quite serious and will be the first, armed to the teeth with my cane, to defend it and those wrongfully denied such hospitality.

        Indeed it is sad. The local kindred I am a part of against hailing of Loki at their public and formal hosted events and while I disagree, I show my own disapproval by giving Wotan something else other than drink at blots or do not personally hail Wotan during symbel when the horn is passed as I am not able to properly give Loki his just due and wait until I am elsewhere, such as my private household to properly honor with family and other friends.

        I truthfully don’t have much to say specifically on the whole debate on labels concerning the modern practice of the Germanic faith…I tend to use Heathen to describe myself amongst other terms but I think in the end it is something that everyone needs to figure out for themselves I do think the American Heathen culture, in many ways, could benefit from learning from their Canadian and European counterparts.

  2. The mental image of Loki walking up and casually taking the pepper delights me 🙂

  3. I once had a kindred member comment that “she couldn’t see why Odin would marry Frigga, because she was so completely useless.” I replied that just because she couldn’t see Frigga’s worth was no reason to imply that Odin couldn’t as well. She was an Odin’s child, as well.

    Hail Odin, and his blood brother Loki.

    1. Yeah, this kind of reasoning (by your kindred member) leaves me speechless…

      (Also, now I know where your blog is! *clicking to follow*)

      1. I assume this is in reference to the Frigga comment? Probably not til next weekend if it happens, but that may be sparking a blog post from me…

      2. Exactly that Beth. She may be a quiet Mother, but I gotta wonder about anyone discounting Her so quickly.

        1. Oh, She can be quiet…but people are stupid to mistake that for weakness of any kind. Still waters run deep, as Odin sometimes likes to say (something that applies to both Her and me).

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