The myth of scarcity, in religion>>Strip Me Back to the Bone

…if there is one single thing about monotheism that creates hardships for pagans, and indeed, in this view of mine, for the world, it is the baggage of the myth of scarcity. The falsehood of there being limitations upon the divine. It is the introduction of a singular, all powerful (triple omni, as I like to call it: omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent) personal being who is guiding everything which primed us to begin our walk down this path of competition, and it touches everything. I suppose that, to a point, it’s to be expected. We are largely physical beings, and physical resources are finite. But the gods are not physical, and while they may or may not be finite, they may as well be infinite from my perspective. They know more, see more, and have more to give, than I do, and thus have more patience. And, I know because I’ve come across it recently, there are monotheists that struggle with this same idea of scarcity from their god in their faiths. Because of this idea of scarcity, we are set up to compete with one another. From this idea that there isn’t going to be enough for all of us, we become enemies. Instead of communities and interfaith connections being established, we are isolated and secluded and struggling…

The topic of the scarcity mentality came up earlier this week in regard to the fiber arts in this fabulous post by Christiane Knight of Three Ravens Yarn, and Jo has demonstrated brilliantly how it sadly cripples us in the realm of religion as well.  Everyone needs to read this!