Charity: Water

One great idea for a devotional offering is to search out a charity or cause that would have special appeal to your particular god, and either volunteer or make a donation to it. I am going to be doing something like this with the proceeds from the Odin prayer book when it eventually comes out (although I haven’t decided on the exact charity yet). Jo has chosen, for obvious reasons, a charity having to do with water–in this case, with making sure clean drinking water is available in areas where it is lacking. I think this is a wonderful and very fitting tribute to her Beloved God, and I especially admire the fact that she isn’t letting ideological differences get in the way of supporting someone else’s campaign.

Strip Me Back To The Bone

A few things are likely clear at this point, but in case they are not: I don’t really hold any of the “mainstream” religions, nor their people, as my enemy. As I get older and as our world gets smaller, I am more interested in things like compassion, kindness, respect, and love. Focusing on our sameness — we are all, whatever else we might be, human animals upon this planet, are we not? Too much has been done to divide. May sound paradoxical, as I’m also something of a tribalist, but there it is. Also, I’ve never been one of the polytheists to treat monotheists as the evil, oppressive enemy. Yes, there were violent conversions and there are violent acts that happen today around the world, but I can’t look at Christianity’s history and even try to pretend that the polytheists at the time were blameless to atrocities being carried…

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