Oracular seidhr for July: some changes (please read!)

My next oracular seidhr session will take place next Wednesday, 7/17, as scheduled, however from this point on there will be a couple of changes.

Seidhr has been taking an increasing toll on me physically because of my fibromyalgia issues ; I have trouble sitting in a chair for an hour at a time, let alone two, and having a marathon session involving eleven querents, half of whom asked three questions each, on a night when I have work the next morning is proving to be more than I can handle. As a result, Odin has asked that I either reschedule the sessions so that they are all on weekends, or limit the number of questions/querents per session. Because I really like having this on the ninth of the lunar month, I have chosen the second option.

And so, going forward I will be accepting only FIVE questions per session. To make this fair, I am also limiting each querent to ONE question each (with NO follow ups, as usual), so this will mean five separate querents can be accepted for each session. In addition, please allow 2-3 days after the session to receive your answer, to account for the fact that Jo needs to type up the dictation she takes down during the sessions, after which I look over and sometimes amend her transcription before emailing the answers off to the querents. I think these changes will make it easier for me to continue to do seidhr in a manageable fashion.

Thank you for understanding, and please email me if you would like your question included in the upcoming session. Anyone who sends theirs in too late will have the option of being first in my queue for the August session!


5 thoughts on “Oracular seidhr for July: some changes (please read!)”

    1. Yes, exactly! It might be taxing for anyone to sit for that long, but with fibro staying in one position for any length of time is bad; I have to remember to get up and stretch at least once an hour at work and while spinning, but during trance this is not possible.

  1. I’m so glad to see you doing this. I wondered how you were managing all that. Hope this session goes better afterwards.

      1. No doubt. I know at this age, sitting 2-3 hours in my comfy rocking chair while i knit can be quite painful.

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