I think my dog had a seizure last night . . .

An update on this situation: Jo spoke to the vet this morning and she said it sounds exactly like heat stroke. (The loss of coordination, high body temperature, stupor, dry sticky mouth, and staggering.) We set an appointment for Friday (I am home today again because of my ankle, but had already put in for Friday as a vacation day), but our vet–the fabulous Dr. Bonnie Burns-Oberlander, who makes house calls–said it would be okay to cancel said appointment if he still seems okay by then. She said we did all of the things they would have advised, with the exception of adding ice cubes to the tub and putting rubbing alcohol on his pads. This morning, he is back to being perfectly normal (or as normal as he gets ;P) but we are still watching him and making sure he stays cool and has plenty to drink, even if it has to come in popsicle form. We deeply appreciate all of your good wishes and healing thoughts, as we are stupid about this dog!

Strip Me Back To The Bone

We aren’t sure. It wasn’t out and out violent convulsions and lose of bowels and all that fun stuff, but he was weird and trembly and disoriented and trembly and did I mention trembly? Certainly heat stroke, and I’m sort of baffled still because the cats — the oh so hairy cats — are and have been fine (if pissed at having their heads doused regularly). At the onset of it we pulled him into the tub and had him standing in cold water while running water over him. And proceeded to spend hours applying cold cloths, icy cloths, ice packs, any watered down juice he’d drink, and popsicles. He had non-normal reactions to new people (we pulled in our neighbors, who have a dog with epilepsy, because I’ve never SEEN the precursor signs of seizures. He spent a long while bracing himself, which reminded me of how he braced…

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4 thoughts on “I think my dog had a seizure last night . . .”

    1. Thank you! The heat wave finally broke (thank the gods!) and it’s in the low eighties today. We still need to keep an eye on him though, as we had no idea he was so susceptible to heat-induced issues; it has never happened before. Very scary!

  1. Poor thing! I’m glad he’s feeling better.

    I hope everyone got through the Fourth without too much trouble. I heard some very upset animals outside during all the fireworks, though our own cat handled pretty well. He stayed inside!

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