A month for Freyr?

Boosting the signal: August has been proposed as a Month for Freyr by a soon-to-be spouse of His (please note that Shannon is a male Shannon :)), and I think this is a wonderful idea. Last year I attempted to have December as a Month for Odin and failed miserably at it, partly because I had so many offline spirit work duties during the Yule season and partly because He had other plans for that month. This year I want to try a month of blogging for Him again, but maybe in October or November instead.

The Honey-Willow Home

Brand intends to spend the month writing about his father. On my own end, I will be out of town briefly, dealing with very stressful things, and then I have a retreat to attend, and I need to plan my wedding, write vows, figure something or other out about it all.

In an ideal situation, someone would be able to let Freyr borrow their body, but the two people I could ask are very bad at it. One is willing to try ahead of time to see if it’s possible. If not, I’m far from the first person who will be marrying a disembodied god.

I would like to plan a special meal. As it happens, where I will be upstate, there is a place that sells local raw honey very inexpensively, and we plan to get quite a bit of it. There’s a recipe for a honey liquor that…

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4 thoughts on “A month for Freyr?”

      1. It will be good for both of us. Plenty of time to dig into a lot of things, and I’ve found the vulnerability of writing to be helpful with establishing deeper and deeper trust.

        We saw a black pigeon underground in the Amtrak station; Brand laughed and thanked his uncle for the very unexpected greeting and blessing. Any black bird in a pinch, I suppose? 🙂

        1. LOL! We used to see black pigeons do that when we lived in Philadelphia, where there weren’t very many crows or ravens due to Lyme’s disease. “I’m a crow! I’m a crow!” Out here, corvids abound so there is no need. 🙂

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