Baby Polytheist…it ain’t hard

An awesome post by Lykeia on why you should not wait until you have all the “proper trappings” before beginning to worship the gods. Heathenry does not have a lot of ritual equipment compared to Hellenismos, yet I went about a year after being claimed by Odin before getting a drinking horn, and it was a couple of years after that before I got the hand carved, specially commissioned one I had been craving. At this point, I have been collecting Odin images and related paraphernalia for about ten years and there are still things I want to get for my shrine, other images and tools I would like to have. I think there is a lot to be said for waiting for the right ritual objects to enter your life (if you keep your eyes open and pray for them to show up, they will!) and in the meantime just beginning your devotional practice. All you really need for that is yourself and the gods. Make time and space for Them in your life, open your mind and heart, and above all listen; the rest will follow when the time is right!

Beloved in Light

In the polytheistic communities one inevitably encounters a large vocab list of different items that have been historically used in worship, which can be intimidating to new polytheists. Someone coming into the Hellenic religion may feel intimidated by such things as phiales (shallow bowls, which are particularly seen being held by Apollon), oinokhoes (libation vessels), kylix (drinking cups) and so on. This is not to mention the discussion of various forms of iconry that people use in their worship. It can make a new polytheist feel not only intimidated but that they *must* have all of these fancy things in order to *really* start worshiping correctly.

I am here to say, “not so!” Truth is that many of us polytheists who have fancy shrines/altars and supplies of worship do not come by them over night. Everyone has to start somewhere, and often where you start is with whatever you have available…

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