Not just a maker

Reblogging this not only because it’s a fabulous affidavit for my handspun yarn (thank you, Heather!) but because she brings up important points about the essence of Making, which is the art of bringing things into manifestation that did not exist previously in the physical realm, and traditional crafts as a link to the ancestors. This has been one of the most compelling things about hand spinning for me: the fact that I can feel the unbroken thread (pun intended) stretching back through time connecting me to all of the women who have ever spun. This is a very, very long thread indeed, and some of the women have never been mortal. I also knit, and I plan to take up embroidery at some point in honor of Anne, who was a talented needle worker, but spinning is the craft that calls to me most powerfully, perhaps because spinning is the act of collecting the filaments of potential, smoothing and drafting them, and twisting them into something strong and durable. It is Wyrdworking.


2 thoughts on “Not just a maker”

  1. I’m glad to say it though; it was really amazing to put that on and have most of the bronchitis just go away. That NEVER happens to me. It’s often an ordeal that involves hospitals, doctors, high-end antibiotics, steroids, with accompanying mood swings and weight gain, so really, I can’t thank you enough. ❤

    1. I was actually quite astonished to hear that, although Someone commented that I shouldn’t be. I was watching Anne of a Thousand Days during the spinning of your cord, and I could feel that the Disir were definitely at work. 🙂

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