This is so very well said. I think there is a tendency in polytheist circles to regard forgiveness as somehow “wimpy,” but in my experience, it is a way of taking back one’s power (to borrow slightly new-agey terminology). If I feel someone has wronged me, certainly I could go on a vendetta of revenge, and Odin would not fault me for it. (Since He is not exactly a “turn the other cheek” type of deity.) However, that vendetta would also consume a lot of time and energy I would almost always rather spend elsewhere. So instead, I usually choose to forgive the person; this does not mean that I grant them absolution or decide that what they did was okay, and certainly not that I would allow them to do it again, but that I cut myself off from them energetically and move on with my life, while giving the situation over to Odin (or sometimes some of my spirits). If He (or They) feels the situation needs to be rectified or punished, I can always rest assured that His solution will be more efficient and appropriate than anything I could ever do to them, anyway…

Queen of the Waiting Ones

Forgiveness is a point of contention in many Pagan circles.  There are those of a hard line, who say that we are within our rights to cast judgement, which may result in vengeful action against those who would wrong us.  Some even say that when a person loses themselves to revenge, that it is the Universe casting ultimate judgement in their (the vengeful party) favor.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth, in my opinion.

We are such selfish creatures.  How could our desire to have (questionably) unsuitable situations rectified, be anything but selfish whims, made more volatile by our overreaching emotions?  We formulate our opinions based upon what we experience, and upon the experiences shared with us by our trusted friends, and in some instances, from hearsay or by reading incendiary materials about whatever subject (or person) that happens to be in our line of fire.  This is not…

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  1. You’re a better person than I am; I have yet to figure out how to either forget OR forgive, and it’s making my life exceptionally painful at the moment.


    1. It isn’t so much, for me, about being a better person (since handing them over to Odin and my particular spirits is a lot more vicious, believe me), as it is about not letting them control my life. Since if I am obsessing over revenge or putting my energy into working magic against someone who has already pissed me odff or hurt me,, they are getting far more of my time and energy than they deserve.

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