My prayer to Queen Anne

I will be posting photos of the flowers and offerings from today’s ritual sometime soon–probably by tomorrow if not later on today–but in the meantime I thought I’d share my own prayer that I offered up to Anne earlier today.  If any of the other people who sent prayers would like to have me post theirs here as well, please let me know; a few of them were truly beautiful and I would be delighted to share them, though I will understand if you’d rather keep them private, too!

Anne, you stepped into my life at a time when I thought myself laid low, when I had given in to despair and self-pity;

Dark and elegant, with your razor-sharp wit and flashing black eyes, you showed me what a lady could be, what a Queen could be, what I could be;

Clever and deft, graceful and daring, swift of step and light of touch, you set my ancestral house in order,

And more than that, you set me straight, and taught me to recognize my own worth, my own ambition, to lay claim to my own strengths without shrinking and without apologies.

Wife to Henry, mother to Elizabeth, sister to George and Mary, you showed me how to exult in the relationships in my life while still always celebrating Myself.

For this, for your many gifts, I give you abundant thanks, praise, and love.

I stand at a critical threshold of my life, where I must pursue my dreams—as you once did—or relinquish them;

Lady who knows what she wants and knows how to get it, I ask for your attention, guidance and support in my quest to earn my livelihood through my art–

But more than all else, I send you support and prayers on this, the day of your ascension and martyrdom;

And as you would wish, I send support and prayers for your brother and the other innocents who died accused alongside you,

And for your husband Henry, your slayer and yet in some ways the greatest victim of all, seduced by his ego and the ill advice of others,

To sacrifice the very treasure he had yearned after for so long.

Queen Anne, be with us this day, partake of the offerings we bring, and triumph over all those who sought to cast you down;

Though they slew your body, they could never touch your spirit, your fire, your passion,

Which endures unchanged and eternal, captivating all and inspiring those most in need of your message.

Hail Anne the Queen!

(As a side note, today I discovered a new Anne-related website that promises to delve into some very provocative new research concerning her, especially related to her importance as a religious reformer; for example, there is the exciting suggestion that she may have actually been a Gnostic rather than a Lutheran, as is generally assumed.  You can check that out here.)


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  1. The possibility of Anne being a Gnostic throws a whole new light onto some of the reasons for her execution.

    1. YES, it does, and the author says the evidence is in her early life and her family connections. I’m going to be following this new blog with a great deal of interest. 🙂

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