May 18th seidhr session is now CLOSED

English: Signature of Anne Boleyn.
English: Signature of Anne Boleyn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my post-concussive state (and considering that I also have Queen Anne’s Day coming up this weekend) I now have as many questions as I think I can comfortably handle, so at this point I am closing seidhr to further questions.  Thank you all for the great questions; I’m very much looking forward to Saturday’s session!  If you have heard back from me, then you can assume your question(s) have been accepted.

I’d also like to thank everyone for the amazing prayer and poetry offerings you’ve sent for Queen Anne Boleyn; I’m very happy and touched to have gotten responses on this!  If you would like to send something and have not done so yet, I will be needing these by tomorrow evening; after that point I will be closing submissions for these too to allow myself time to print them out and get them ready.

Thanks again!