Living with Someone Else’s Loki

Reblogging this because truer words have never been spoken regarding how to react to anyone else’s UPG, my own included. Back when I was a shiny new Odin’s frau, I went through the exact same thing Heather describes here regarding dealing with Odin UPG that differed from my own (and a great deal of it did). The best thing you can do in this kind of situation is listen to your Significant Other, and trust in what They are telling you. The gods are vast and multi-faceted and do not reveal the same face to everyone; living with someone else’s version of your god–or trying to–is pointless, especially when your own is right there, tapping His foot and waiting for your attention.


2 thoughts on “Living with Someone Else’s Loki”

    1. Your post has also sparked some further thoughts about mythic literalism that will probably lead to a post of my own. And damn it, I don’t have time to post this week; must spin! LOL.

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